Planning is underway for the UCLU Welcome Festival

"In MAY?!?" we hear you ask. 


Well, yes. The Welcome Festival is, without a doubt the biggest event that happens at UCL each year. Over 10,000 students from all over the world will be coming to UCL to start (or continue!) their academic careers. Making sure that each and every one of you gets the welcome that you deserve is no small feat. 

From helping the 260 plus Clubs and Societies we run get prepared for you, to arranging a line up of events that will give you the chance to meet other new students; from making websites so that all of your info is on one place, to evaluating the pricing in our bars and cafes to make sure it's the best value; from brushing up on Visa regulations, to working with the university, there is a lot to prepare! 

So keep your eyes here and on the Official UCL Welcome Festival 2016 Facebook Page for regular updates on what promises to been one of the most exciting, scary, crazy and memorable weeks of your life!